Forgetting Convenience for a Cause

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In this day and age, it’s all about convenience. A person is more influenced to buy from a store based on its close location rather than its selection.

When they want to do good work, however, Judy Hendricks and other members of Community of Faith United Methodist Church aren’t concerned with convenience. They drive nearly an hour to serve our residents on a regular basis. Although their church is located in Davenport, they have helped us transform the lives of our homeless men, women, and children for the last seven years.

On the day we transitioned our homeless men into the Men’s Service Center, Judy and her group assembled more than 200 bags full of shirts, underwear, pants, and socks. They proceeded to hand out the bags to the men before their last shower in the old building. They also gave each resident a towel and a pair of shower flip-flops.

Once the men showered and changed, they were ready to move to the new facility.

“We have been coming over so long that we know a lot of the guys by name,” said Judy. “Marty Vevera, Director of Volunteer Services, asked us to help because she thought it would be good for the men to be surrounded by familiar faces.”

Several members from Community of Faith also had the opportunity to walk the men inside the building for the first time and help them find their new beds. “It was rewarding to see how excited they were about their new residence,” said Judy.

Their volunteer service that day played a vital role in creating a stress-free move for our homeless men.

Thank you Community of Faith United Methodist Church, for allowing the crisis of homelessness to be greater than your convenience. There are not enough words to express how grateful we are for what you did on that day, along with all that you’ve done for the Coalition over the last seven years.