Thanks to Carroll Adams, Furniture Furthers Pride


Furniture provides many things: the option to be organized, the ability to rest our feet, the opportunity to safely store our belongings, and so much more. And furniture most definitely provides part of the physical foundation for single homeless men to take advantage of the programmatic opportunities offered by our new Men’s Service Center, which will help transform their lives.

That’s why it was so important to be able to provide chairs, tables, bookcases, cabinets, desks, and other furniture for our men before moving them into the new facility. For this reason, we want to thank the Carroll Adams Group.

Carroll Adams, a company headquartered in Orlando and New York, with an international presence, has a long-standing commitment to serve the community. In addition to its philanthropic side, it is a leader in providing interior design purchasing services to the hospitality industry. After learning about the Coalition, Ted Carroll, Co-Founder and President of Carroll Adams, wanted to meet our furniture needs.

Ted and other staff members spent hours contacting their vendors on our behalf to secure furniture donations. They provided chairs, patio furniture, book cases, filing cabinets and specialty tables. As if that weren’t enough, employees of Carroll Adams came to the Coalition on Monday, June 23, 2014 and volunteered the whole day to move the furniture into the building and place everything where it belonged.

When asked why Carroll Adams decided to help the Coalition and its residents, Ted replied, “Businesses need to understand that these are citizens of our community. And they can be viable customers or employees who just need someone to give them a bit of a lift.”

Since becoming acquainted with us, they have also sponsored and served several dinners. “The Carroll Adams Group is great to work with and are hands-on volunteers,” said Marty Vevera, the Coalition’s Director of Volunteer Services.

Along with providing storage, comfort, and practical purposes, Carroll Adams’ furniture donations gave our men a sense of pride in their new, temporary home. Thank you again for all that you’ve done and continue to do for our residents at the Coalition and our local community!


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