Volunteer Voice: Danielle J. Moran

Danielle Moran pic

A few years ago, a friend invited me to assist him in taking some of the children from Coalition for the Homeless out to play flag football. I love children and football, and was inspired to reach out to these kids. I had no idea how far we could come.

Every Saturday, we pick up children ages 5 to 17 years old who reside at the Coalition and want to come out with us. Many play flag football and some of the younger siblings play on the sidelines. Most Saturdays we get to feed them lunch and I can say without a doubt these children look forward to getting out to the park on Saturday.

I enjoy helping with flag football, off-site field trips for the children as well as other events held at Coalition for the Homeless.

To be honest, I enjoy my time with these endearing children just as much as they enjoy their playtime. I have seen many children come and go – all of them are great and all are deserving. These children are no different than my son or your daughter. They are usually well-behaved, very loving, and just want to participate. They deserve the love and attention during what may be the most stressful time in their young lives.

When I’m not volunteering, I specialize in Online Marketing and am currently working for Royall Advertising in Downtown Orlando. I have a teenage son who attends Lake Brantley High School and often volunteers with me. He also keeps us busy playing high school football and basketball.

I am a single mom, and have experienced financial struggles myself. The way I see it, any of us could be thrown into an unfortunate situation, so we all should help our neighbors in any way we can.  This is why I support great organizations like Coalition for the Homeless.

 **We are very fortunate to have dedicated volunteers like Danielle and we thank her. If you have time, passion, or a special talent to share, you too can help the Coalition by volunteering.