One Homeless Child’s Journey


Coalition for the Homeless provides services to nearly 200 children every day. We see the unique struggles these youngsters face, but we know that with your support, they can overcome most anything!

Three year-old Shelly came to the Early Childhood Development Center with separation anxiety and pronounced behavioral issues, including outbursts of anger toward other children. In fact, Shelly had to be bribed by her father each day just to come to school. She did not want to participate in any activities and would spend her early days crying and asking for her dad. Some days she would not even eat her lunch or take a nap because she was worried about her father.

After receiving nurturing care and attention, along with consistently being redirected, she began to understand that her father would come back each day. Upon leaving the center three months later, Shelly had become social with other children, started singing/dancing, and was fully participating in age appropriate activities.

The services provided through the Early Childhood Development Center clearly changed Shelly’s life.

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