Thoughtful Words and Thankful Hearts

girl heart

‘Tis the season to be jolly and joyful.  In the spirit of great cheer, we’d like to share what  some of our volunteers and clients have to say about their experience living at or working with the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida. You are bound to see that, no matter one’s circumstance, we are all tied together at the heart.

“If it were not for your supporters giving their time and resources, and for the dedicated employees at the Coalition, my children – like other homeless children – would have lost hope for the future.”

-Al Patrick, former Coalition client

“There’s actually hope left in the world. I can actually get my life back.”

-John Hancoth, Coalition client

“Working with the Coalition as an artist, art advisor on the ABCs Committee, and facilitator has taken a volunteer interest and turned it into a heartwarming experience.”

-Catherine Cross, volunteer

“The statistics about the Coalition’s service to children, families, veterans, mentally ill and other groups amaze me. The average person has no clue about the true facts related to homelessness.”

-Bonnie Newman, volunteer

“They [Coalition staff] became my family in a way, because they didn’t have to encourage me, they gave me the courage. These people don’t know me from a can of paint, and they gave me encouragement and it made me realize that if total strangers could have faith in me, I need to have faith in myself.”

Kadette Cantave, Coalition client

“We are all connected to each other whether we want to believe it or not.”

-Donald Tate, volunteer