Gifts that Generate Gratitude

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With the holidays upon us, we have a few suggestions if you’re still looking for holiday gift ideas.  Movies are always a great choice. Why not stuff those Christmas stockings with movies that show the plight of those who are homeless? What better way to be reminded to be grateful for what you have, then to see visions of those who have to do without? Here are a few films that will make you think twice about the reality of homelessness.

  • The Pursuit of Happyness:  Will Smith and Thandie Newton star in this captivating movie based on the true life story of Chris Gardner. Gardner is a struggling single father who tries to make a better life for himself and his son, after finding themselves homeless.  This film is rated PG-13.
  • The Soloist: Robert Downey, Jr. and Jamie Fox star in this movie.   Steve Lopez, a journalist looking for new story ideas discovers an incredibly talented, Julliard trained musician, who is also mentally ill and homeless.  Lopez writes a series of articles about Ayers and hopes to be able to help him and others like him, but is met with a series of setbacks along the way. This film is rated PG-13.
  • Homeless to Harvard – The Liz Murray Story: Starring Thora Birch, this movie is based on the true story of Liz Murray, who became homeless when she was just 15. Liz’s drug-addicted parents were unable to keep up with rent payments, and the family was evicted from their home. After a tragic life event, Liz becomes determined to finish school to make a better life for herself. Her new start begins when she earns a scholarship to attend Harvard University. This movie has no rating as it originally aired on Lifetime Television.
  • Lost Angels – Skid Row is My Home: Los Angeles’ Skid Row is home to one of the largest homeless populations in the United States. This documentary takes you into the lives of eight individuals, living on skid row, who are struggling to survive and make a life for themselves.  This documentary has no rating.

If you have any movie suggestions that you would like to share, feel free to let us know.