When you think of someone who is homeless, what image comes to mind? Is it a man on a corner holding a sign? Is it someone with a shopping cart living under a bridge? Many of us will not envision a child or an entire family; but those are the growing faces of homelessness.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the homeless population. One is that all homeless individuals are single men. Another is that homeless people are lazy and brought the situation upon themselves. We know neither is the case.

In the accompanying video , Michael and Danielle share how they ended up homeless and living in a hotel with their six children. When asked what he wants others to know about homelessness, Michael responds, “don’t assume…with the economy what it is nowadays, a lot of people are losing their homes.”

Here, at Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, we see families with stories like theirs every day.

Our hope is that this video helps to change your perception of homelessness and realize it can happen to anyone. As Danielle mentions in the video, “you don’t realize how fast it could be you.”