Better Lives and Opportunities

DSC_4619Tasha and her boyfriend, Alejandro, were featured in our August Connect e-newsletter. They had moved to Orlando from the Virgin Islands with hopes of providing a better life for their four children. We thought their story was worth repeating and updating.

“Our oldest child is Danniel, the second one is Jahaneesha, the third is Jermaine, and our last one is Alejandro, Jr.,” Tasha shared. “We’re doing this for our kids, so that they will have better opportunities.”

After what couldn’t have been an easy move, the family found themselves in a situation that far too many in our country experience – homelessness. Fortunately, they had Coalition for the Homeless to turn to during this time of crisis. Since their arrival, Tasha and Alejandro’s older children have been enrolled in nearby schools, Alejandro has found employment, and Tasha has been working with one of our onsite partners, Goodwill Industries. This summer, the kids have enjoyed spending time at the Boys and Girls Club, another onsite program.

With help from their case manager, the family has a plan. “A year from now, I’d like to see my family living in a happy home,” Tasha said.

*Family update: We are very happy to announce that the family’s plan is working. In recent weeks, Tasha has also found a new job. She and her family will be moving into their own place very soon.

Your support has given this loving family of six nutritious meals and a safe place to stay while working toward their ultimate goal – a better life.