Homeless families in Central Florida

Dad and boys

WESH Channel 2 aired a story yesterday that may have surprised many people.

The story portrays a situation that, unfortunately, we at Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida are all too familiar with – not enough shelter space in our community for homeless families.  Though they focused on a dad with three kids, this is true for families of every dynamic.

In the last few decades, the number of homeless families has steadily climbed. According to The National Center on Family Homelessness, families now comprise approximately 38% of the overall homeless population.

Despite the story’s implication that shelters in Central Florida will not accommodate dads with female children, the Coalition does provide services to families of EVERY type – single moms with kids, single dads with kids, and intact families. Rather, the issue is that beds in our Center for Women and Families, located on our main campus, are almost always full.

With the economic recession, lack of affordable housing, and high rates of unemployment, family homelessness is expected to continue to increase. Homelessness is a community problem that will take the community’s support to alleviate.

Read WESH Channel 2’s story here and share your thoughts below.