Giving homeless men the lives they deserve

Eric and Heather

As construction of Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida’s Men’s Service Center (MSC) continues to makes daily progress, we are turning our attention to what’s on the inside. From job skills training to substance abuse recovery, single men will finally receive the same personalized assistance we offer women and families with children.

This long-time dream is coming true thanks to the generous supporters of our Journey Home Campaign’s Men’s Service Center Initiative. That said, we’d like to introduce you to Eric and Heather Chenel – the first naming donors of the Journey Home Campaign.

Back in his bachelor days, Eric was an individual volunteer and donor who loved spending time helping the children at the Coalition. He also developed a passion for the success of the adults in need of a hand up.

Since then, Eric met a person with a wonderful heart – his wife Heather. Together they have been partners in helping others gain the success and happiness with which they are so blessed to have. Now, together with Eric’s parents, Denis and Peggy, they are humbled to be a part of the new MSC.

We care deeply about those in need, which is something that has been instilled in us by both our families since we were young,” the couple shared. “There is no better organization for helping individuals and families in Central Florida accomplish their dreams of having the lives they deserve.”

As investors of the MSC, Eric and Heather have committed to changing the lives of Central Florida’s homeless men in a way never done before. The services provided to women and children at the Coalition are life changing. Having the same services available to the homeless men in Central Florida will make a huge difference in their lives and have a ripple effect to their families and the community,” Eric said. “We can’t wait to see this become a reality soon!

Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida

Men’s Service Center – Grand opening early 2014