Top 10 ways to make an impact this summer

Water Day 2

Summer typically brings great weather and less hectic schedules – a perfect time to make an impact in the community.Sonny's BBQ

Below are just some ideas of ways YOU can help our Central Florida neighbors in need this summer at Coalition for the Homeless.

1. Organize a flip flop donation drive.

2. Donate an adult bike (new or used) to help our hardworking homeless men and women get to their jobs, interviews, and classes.

3. Grab some of your friends and join us for the next More than a Meal tour on July 9.

4. Spend an afternoon playing outside with the daycare children.

Coalition for the Homeless5. Temperatures are rising. Organize a deodorant drive.

6. Water days are one of our residents’ favorite activities. Plan one!

7. Keep our little ones’ minds active while they’re out of school. Read to them.

8. Don’t forget about our homeless men. Provide a BBQ in the Men’s Pavilion.

9. Help keep our lawns beautiful. Donate your landscaping skills.

10. Collect diapers (sizes 3, 4, and 5) to keep our youngsters’ bottoms dry.

To get started, visit our volunteer webpage.

If you have any questions, contact our volunteer team:

Marty Vevera, Director of Volunteer Services

Kristen Martin, Volunteer Coordinator

Happy summer, Central Florida!