World Hunger Day


Nearly one-third of the residents at the Coalition are children.


Our supporters helped serve more than 306,000 meals at the Coalition last year!

Did you know that one-eighth of the world’s population lives in extreme hunger and poverty? Even in America, the land of plenty, millions of people struggle with hunger.

Today, World Hunger Day, is about raising awareness of this huge problem.

It is also about celebrating the achievements of the people who are part of the solution.

Last year, Coalition for the Homeless’s supporters helped serve over 306,000 meals to our neighbors in need. 207 volunteer groups were part of our Community Meal Serve Program, about 90 of which served on a regular basis. These groups keep Central Florida’s homeless men, women, and children nourished!

We invite you all to get involved. Today, World Hunger Day, is a great day to take action!