A new day. A new way.

Coalition for the Homeless

Coalition President/CEO Brent Trotter

The opening of Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida’s Men’s Service Center (MSC) is rapidly approaching! Please read on for some words of enthusiasm from Coalition President/CEO Brent Trotter

MSC Topping Off

Brent Trotter (right) “topping off” the MSC

Very soon we will celebrate the grand opening of the Coalition’s Men’s Service Center. With this new facility will come a seismic shift in the way we deliver services to the most underserved of the homeless population in Central Florida, the single male.

Currently, single homeless men receive the most meager of services – a meal, a night’s shelter, and access to shower facilities. After their evening’s stay, men are flushed back out to the streets, only to return the next night and repeat the experience.

It has been said that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result.” It’s time for the insanity to stop. Our goal is to offer men meaningful, life-changing services to bring an end to their situation and move them to self-sufficiency.

Our Mission Statement says it best: to transform lives…by providing crucial services to end their crisis of homelessness. We’re not content with the current level of services we provide for men. We’ve got to do better. And we can…but it won’t be easy. Many of these men have been homeless for years.

While some will talk about the building itself, the real story will be the countless men whose lives will soon be changed because of the services the new building will allow us to provide.

It’s a new day. It’s a new way. And we’re leading the charge.

Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida

The Coalition’s upcoming Men’s Service Center