Formerly homeless. Forever a hero.

Coalition for the Homeless

You may remember meeting James back in November…

James joined the Marine Corps in 1975 soon after the Vietnam War ended. He began his service as an infantryman and later cross-trained as a military chaser responsible for escorting prisoners. Before his honorable discharge, he was promoted to a squad leader.

After leaving the service, James studied accounting and business for two years and then moved to Washington, DC where he was hired at the Saudi Arabian Embassy.

Life was good – he owned a home and had a wonderful wife and beautiful children.

But this all changed in 2009 when James and his wife divorced.

He began struggling with depression and turned to alcohol as a way of self-medicating. An addiction quickly formed which made it difficult for him to maintain employment. When James could no longer find work, he lost his apartment and fell into homelessness.

In March 2012, however, James joined Coalition for the Homeless’s First Steps Substance Abuse Recovery Program. He and his case manager identified his barriers to self-sufficiency, set goals, and developed an individual plan.

We’re thrilled to share that earlier this month, James graduated from our First Steps program and has moved back into the community a sober and independent man!