A homeless child’s story

Homeless children

Coalition for the Homeless provides services to more than 250 children every day. We see the unique struggles these youngsters face, but we know that with your support, they can overcome anything!

When three-year-old Matthew came to the Coalition with his mother, he had educational and developmental deficiencies, along with pronounced behavioral issues. His mom, committed to her son’s future, agreed to bring him to our onsite day care every day and work closely with Coalition staff.

In the beginning, Matthew had difficulty completing simple tasks and following instructions. He had limited language and therefore could not communicate well, which in turn fueled frustration and bad behavior. He refused to complete art projects and would not sit down during circle time, a time when children work on a weekly theme or topic of the day.

But not long after Matthew started attending the Coalition’s day care, his mom came in to observe circle time. She left in tears because she never thought he would have made such strides.

In fact, when he left the program three months after his arrival, Matthew was able to speak full sentences, identify colors, and follow a structured schedule in a positive learning environment.

The services provided through the Coalition’s day care changed Matthew’s life!