Homeless to Hollywood

Homeless celebrities

Homelessness is an issue that many people try to ignore, brushing it off as a situation that would never happen to them.

It may come as a surprise, then, that these 10 very familiar faces were all homeless at one time in their lives:

Halle Berry – Oscar-winning and Emmy Award-winning actress

  • Stayed in a homeless shelter in New York City at age 21

Jim Carrey – Golden Globe-winning Actor

  • Lived with his family in a van as a teenager; then in a tent in his sister’s back yard

Daniel Craig – actor

  • Slept on park benches in London before moving to Hollywood, CA

Kelly Clarkson – Grammy Award-winning singer; American Idol winner

  • Briefly lived in a car and a homeless shelter in West Hollywood, CA

Kelsey Grammer – Emmy Award-winning actor

  • Lived behind a theater, sheltered only by his motorcycle

Jewel – Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter

  • Lived in her van

David Letterman – Emmy Award-winning television writer-comedian; talk-show host; author

  • Lived in his pickup truck before making it big

Hilary Swank – Oscar-winning actress

  • Lived in a car with her mom when she was 15

Rob Thomas – Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter

  • After turning 17, he slept on park benches and the beach for three years

Shania Twain -Grammy Award-winning singer

  • At age 13, she lived in a homeless shelter with her mother and siblings; and alone at age 16

Homelessness can happen to anyone. But as these celebrities show, and as we at Coalition for the Homeless know, with a little help and determination, the crisis can be ended.

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