A child’s road back from domestic violence

Eight-year-old James arrived at Coalition for the Homeless’ Women’s Residential and Counseling Center (WRCC) with his mother and brother, fleeing a severely violent household.

Given the environment from which he came, James was identified as being in-crisis. From the onset, he showed signs of significant distress. He was withdrawn, frequently shied away from others, and was seen regularly sucking his thumb.

At school, he showed distress in other ways. He acted out, bullied other children, and lashed out at others.

WRCC staff immediately intervened. A children’s specialist provided age-appropriate counseling, offering him a safe environment to express his feelings – something he had not experienced before.

James learned proper ways to share what he was feeling, as well as how to communicate with and relate to others. He also benefited from family therapy where he and his mother worked to form a strong, loving bond.

Only a few months later, James showed marked improvement.

He started to behave at school and show academic progress. He began making friends, was regularly seen laughing, and perhaps best of all, he developed a strong, loving relationship with his mother.

Intervention helped change the course of this child’s life and he is now traveling down a road far different from the one he was on when he first arrived at the WRCC.