“I am a success story!”

Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida

Dwayne had a job and an apartment. He was living comfortably… until his ‘closet addiction,’ as he called it, began to take a toll on him.

“My life became unmanageable. It started to spiral downhill,” he said.

First Steps Substance Abuse Recovery Program

Dwayne and Bill, the Director of First Steps Shelter Recovery

Dwayne needed help. So at the peak of his addiction, he came to Coalition for the Homeless and asked to join our First Steps Substance Abuse Recovery Program.

However, not long after entering the program, he dropped out. “I was big-headed… I left the Coalition and went back to where I started, but things didn’t change,” he explained.

Admitting he couldn’t shake his habits alone, Dwayne returned to the Coalition. “I was serious this time. I had a desire to quit the drugs,” he said. “I adhered to the program, I started volunteering, I wrote in a journal, and I got a sponsor.”

After six months in the unique program, the pieces of Dwayne’s life began coming back together. He got a job and moved into one of the Coalition’s nine, on-site transitional apartments, which allow men to grow in their recovery.

Dwayne has since left the Coalition and has been sober for nearly a year and a half!

“The First Steps program works if you work it,” he shared. “Nothing is going to be given to you, but if you have the desire to stop and are really serious about your recovery, it will work. I am living proof of that. Everything has fallen into place for me. I am a success story!

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