Homeless kids with big goals

Homeless kids

In addition to hundreds of single homeless men and women, Coalition for the Homeless provides services to more than 120 families EVERY night, including over 275 kids with an average age of eight!Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida

One out of four residents at the Coalition is under the age of 18.

Thanks to our supporters, both those who give financially and those who give many hours of their time and talents, these homeless youngsters, nonetheless, have hope for a brighter future.

In fact, in spite of their current living situations, the Coalition’s kids have BIG goals. Check out these aspirations…

  • 7 year-old Danny dreams of being an NFL player.
  • 7 year-old Boaz wants to be a pastor.
  • 9 year-old Dalilah would like to be a movie producer.
  • 9 year-old Derrick wants to be an NBA player.
  • 10 year-old Barry has dreams of becoming a cartoonist.
  • 10 year-old Jamilah wants to be a veterinarian.
  • 12 year-old Valerie would like to be either a lawyer or a teacher.
  • 12 year-old Kiana wants to be a nurse.

What did you want to be when you were their ages?