Homeless no more

Homeless family

Adriana and her now 11-year-old son, Nick, were just like any other family. She had a good job and he was in elementary school. The only difference – something their co-workers and schoolmates didn’t know – was that they lived in their car.

“I was never good with managing money,” Adriana explained. “My job paid well, but we just never had enough money at the end of each month.” So, the two went about their productive lives during the day and secretly returned to their car each night.

After three weeks of living like this, Nick told his teacher and they were referred to the Coalition’s Women’s Residential and Counseling Center (WRCC). While there, mom and son took advantage of the numerous resources offered to our clients, thanks to our tremendous partners and supporters.

For Adriana, CredAbility was the tool she especially needed to regain independence. “I know how to live on a budget now. CredAbility helped me set goals and pay off credit cards,” she explained. “It was encouraging.”

The case management Adriana and Nick received was also central to their transition back into the community. “Our case manager, Lidia, I am so grateful I had her… The support we received at WRCC was incredible.”

Through the Coalition’s Scattered Site Housing Program, Adriana and Nick now live in their own apartment!

“I’m just so thankful,” Adriana said. “Nick and I still come home sometimes and look around in disbelief that this place is ours.”