CRAVE Cares…about homeless men, women, and children


Certified Angus Beef N.Y. Strip and Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon – sound delicious, don’t they?

You’ve probably recently read quite a bit about CRAVE Cares on our Facebook and Twitter pages. (If you haven’t, make sure you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us!)

So now you’re wondering what this campaign is all about.

Let us explain…

Addressing the issue of homelessness requires the resources and commitment of our entire community, something CRAVE at the Mall of Millenia understands.

During the month of July, 5% of the proceeds from CRAVE Restaurant’s CRAVE Cares menu will be donated to the Coalition!

This is where you come in. Here are the ways to get involved:

1. Order from the CRAVE Cares Menu.

It’s as easy as it sounds. Order from the CRAVE Cares menu throughout July and 5% of your bill will come back to us.

2. Add a Donation.

Simply add a donation at the bottom of your bill and CRAVE will pass your contribution along to the Coalition!

3. Bring a Party.

Make a big impact with your next gathering – take your friends, family, and work functions to CRAVE and encourage everyone to dine off the CRAVE Cares menu!

Plus, our friends at Expedia Local Expert and Expedia, Inc. are making this promotion three times as exciting. They will both match the funds raised by CRAVE (up to $1,000 each), TRIPLING your gift!

Find more information about this awesome collaboration here.