Volunteers are the real superheroes

Coalition Center for Women and Families

This summer has been all about superheroes. The Avengers shattered box office records in May and two more superhero movies (Spiderman and The Dark Knight) come out this month.

However, we think the Coalition’s volunteers are the real superheroes. Though they may not have x-ray vision, capes, or costumes, our volunteers do save the day, every day!Coalition for the Homeless volunteers

One of our most dedicated volunteers, Judy Godorov, began donating her time to help the homeless in the 1970’s, before the Coalition even incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization!

Today, Judy organizes volunteers at her congregation to serve dinner once a month in the Coalition’s Center for Women and Families (CWF).

By doing so, Judy’s group provides our clients the peace of mind that their children will sleep on full stomachs that night. Parents don’t have to worry that they can’t feed their youngsters, and can instead focus on establishing a savings account and becoming independent.

“I bring my granddaughter… We enjoy doing it,” Judy said.

In addition to their participation in our meal serve program, Judy and her congregation hold supply drives. Always in need of items such as hygiene products, we are so grateful to be able to count on our supporters.

A few years ago, a homeless, single father was in need of a bicycle. Judy’s group came to the rescue by generously donating a bike, which provided the father with transportation to and from work.

“It’s in my nature to volunteer and help people,” Judy explained.

Want to make volunteering part of your life too? Contact the Coalition’s Volunteer Services team at marty.vevera@cflhomeless.org or jenn.hollern@cflhomeless.org.