Tight space creates big challenges for workers

Coalition for the Homeless

Fresh off the plane from his week-long photo shoot in Italy, journalist and guest blogger Dan Beckmann couldn’t wait to post about our Men’s Service Center construction happenings. Thanks, Dan, for putting us “up there” with the Italian Riviera!

"Men's Service Center"

The retention pond

Construction crews face challenges of all kinds in nearly every type of building project.  There are codes and regulations, scheduling and deliveries.  And in Florida…there’s the weather.  But at Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida, it’s not the rain, humidity, or even the heat that presents the biggest obstacles.  It’s the space.

"Men's Service Center"

APM Construction’s Bob Kelly pointing to the door frame that will be formed into the wall

The construction site for the Coalition’s new Men’s Service Center (MSC) sits within three feet of the Ossie Street property line.  In fact, the construction borders the property line on both sides.  So as the MSC continues to take shape, the cramped conditions have forced the crews to improvise on construction techniques, employing some not used on a regular basis.  In short, they’ve had to come up with big ideas for such small spaces.

“The size certainly limits the sequence of operations for us,” says APM Construction’s Bob Kelly, Superintendent of the project.  With not enough room to build upward, Tilt Walls, or sandwiched layered slabs of concrete, are being created on the horizontal, waiting to be hoisted into place at a later date.

"Men's Service Center"

The site where the MSC will soon stand

Forty-one Tilt Walls, in all, will be erected, with the first of three layers being poured next week.  Once they’re poured, they’ll be left to cure and then lifted into place.

Knowing the huge importance of the new MSC, and what it will provide for homeless men throughout Central Florida, the workers here have taken a small problem and come up with big solutions.

Small space.  Big challenge.  Huge outcome.