Sober, clean, and no longer homeless

"Homeless programs"

Coalition for the Homeless celebrated another First Steps Transitional Housing Program graduation last night! Roger, a client we introduced to you back in January, stood alongside four other graduates. We are so excited to give you this update about Roger…

If you recall, the last time we wrote about Roger, he was residing in one of the Coalition’s nine on-site transitional apartments, a component of our intensive substance abuse recovery program. Well, Roger has since moved into his own apartment! He also recently landed a new job!"Coalition First Steps Graduation"

As part of the First Steps Transitional Housing Program, Roger received a variety of services including case management, budget development, life skills classes, on-site AA/NA meetings, and educational/vocational training. After successful program participation, Roger has officially graduated!

“Graduating from the First Steps Transitional Housing Program signals a new beginning, a second chance,” said Donald Whitehead, Director of First Steps Transitional Housing. “And it certainly signifies success according to the Booker T. Washington definition that, ‘Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.’”

Roger is very happy in his new apartment. He plans to lead NA meetings at the Coalition and help mentor other homeless addicts on their path to recovery.

Congratulations, Roger!