Hydroponics for the homeless

"Hi-Rise Harvest" "Coalition Hydroponics

“Community outreach is very important to us,” said Barrie Freeman, founder of Hi-Rise Harvest. With that in mind, Freeman and her company found a way to help Coalition for the Homeless. Check it out…

Hi-Rise Harvest has developed a self-contained, self-watering, and easy to maintain Vertical Aqua Garden. Each hydroponic garden unit is capable of growing 20 crops using only a 24-inch foot print.

To our great appreciation, Hi-Rise has donated seven garden towers to the Coalition’s Women’s Residential and "Coalition Hydroponic Garden Tower" "Hydroponics for the Homeless"Counseling Center (WRCC). Fresh beans, broccoli, tomatoes, squash, melons, herbs, and more will now be available right in WRCC’s courtyard!

In addition to donating the gardens, the Hi-Rise Harvest crew installed a 4-foot picket fence and an exterior electricity outlet. They also taught an interested WRCC resident how to tend the gardens.

The concept behind Hi-Rise Harvest is to create health, sustainability, community, and fun in urban environments. “What a great gift for the residents at WRCC,” said our President/CEO Brent A. Trotter. “The towers will produce hundreds of pounds of fresh produce to help feed the women and children who live there, as well as a sense of accomplishment for having maintained the plants themselves.”

Thank you, Hi-Rise Harvest! We are so excited to be a part of your movement.