An inside peek at the Coalition staff

"Coalition Staff" "Coalition for the Homeless"

The Coalition for the Homeless team is a diverse and talented group of people who share a devotion to help others and are proud of our organization.

Last week, we broke ground on a new Men’s Service Center, and employees from every department were elated at the prospect of soon being able to help our clients even more. Excitement has resonated throughout the halls of the Coalition since, providing the perfect time to reflect on why each one of us works, day in and day out, at the Coalition.

When simply asked, “Why do you work at the Coalition?” the staff’s passion and commitment were truly evident in their words. Take a look:

“I am constantly impressed with the Coalition and the work we do. I enjoy working one-on-one with families who have dealt with tragedy, and then seeing them transform.” – Abby

“I love my guys; they are why I work here. I take a lot of pride in them. Each guy brings something different to the table to teach me. I learn a lot from them.” – Andrew

“I get to be with children that I love to be with. My passion is to work with children…to make sure they are safe, healthy, and happy.” – Betty

“It’s a passion of mine…I get to see homeless people move into their own apartment. It’s very fulfilling to see them grow and transform. I’m their cheerleader, friend, and counselor…I enjoy getting to help people who are hurting.” – Bridgett

“I love my job. I love working with people. It’s what I went to school to do and it’s what I want to do…I enjoy watching our residents succeed, and I enjoy the diverse group of people I work with.” – Connie

“For me, it’s quite a different experience…a good experience. I enjoy what I do – helping people in a time of need.” – Devita

“I like to work with people and to be a part of the problem solving. My main mission is to guide them…The most important thing is that they trust me. It’s been a great experience.” – Lidia

“I work here for a lot of reasons. I know there is a need for people to receive the services we provide. This is my purpose…my calling. These guys come in hurting and suffering, but to see them leave completely changed and dressed for success – that’s the rewarding part.” – Ramon

“I love helping the residents. I love giving out clothes and gifts. If they need something, they know to come to Miss Yvette.” – Yvette

Now you know a little bit more about us. Why do you work where you do?