Fannie Hillman + Associates patio party benefits homeless tykes

We’ve often said that we could not do what we do at Coalition for the Homeless without the help of our community, and that people can have fun while fundraising.  (Hence our annual fundraising events, such as Hearts of Gold!)

Both of these convictions came together in a big way on Saturday afternoon, March 19 at the offices of Fannie Hillman + Associates in Winter Park.  Scott Hillman and his wonderfully generous team invited 1,000 of their closest friends and the entire community to a fantastic Patio Party. Their guests feasted on delicious 4 Rivers Smokehouse BBQ, imbibed a variety of beverages and enjoyed the staff’s homemade desserts.  This outdoor gathering was really a hit and a great time was had by all!

So why are we telling you all this?  This super party was a benefit drive for the Coalition! The Fannie Hillman staff involved us in their planning, wanting to learn more about the Coalition’s mission and what we needed.  Their invitation asked guests to arrive bearing a baby-oriented item(s), such as diapers, baby-wipes, over-the-counter medication, etc., to help the Coalition care for the 30 babies that currently reside at our two campuses with their moms and/or dads.  They are among the over-220 children we serve each day in more than 115 families.

The several hundred guests came bearing much-needed boxes and boxes of the above-mentioned items, as well as pull-ups, pampers, and a host of other things for our youngest clients.  In fact, we were able to fill the van Scott rented for the occasion.  Talk about manna from heaven!

As if that weren’t enough, some of the wonderful party-goers came bearing monetary gifts instead of or in addition to goods.   Would you believe that, in just three hours, this generous crowd donated almost $5,000 in cash and checks for the Coalition’s programs and services – in addition to all the items?   We were blown away and are most grateful!

Our heartfelt thanks go to Scott Hillman, the entire team at Fannie Hillman + Associates, and everyone who contributed.  You guys are great beyond words!