A post for the numbers people: shelter nights and number of families

Are you a numbers person? If you are, the touching stories we share from our clients and volunteers may not  speak to you as much as they do other readers – no, you are the type of person who would be influenced by stats that prove the sheer magnitude of need among Central Florida’s homeless.

For you, numbers person, we have decided to share a month’s “snapshot” that will illustrate for your quantitative mind just how many people are affected by the services we offer at the Coalition.

The picture below details how many shelter nights for adults and children we provided last month in each of our different programs (March 2010). We know you will notice it is a disturbingly high number (almost 17,000 safe nights of sleep for people who wouldn’t have them otherwise). As a bonus, the snapshot also includes the average number of families we served each night in March in our different family facilities. Can you believe we served an average of nearly 70 families each night? That certainly bucks the traditional view of the homeless as only single, unaccompanied males, doesn’t it?

Keep in mind this report only counts the number of shelter nights for adults and kids and the average number of families – we don’t have room in this brief post to address the number of meals served, services provided or lives changed. That would really blow your mind, wouldn’t it?

If you are up for the challenge of diving deeper into Coalition numbers and stats, check out our annual report. That handy document is a great place to get information on program, client and financial stats!