Springtime for homeless children at the Coalition

To close our recent mini-series on the needs and prevalence of homeless children in America, and particularly in the state of Florida, we decided to share some Coalition springtime photos with you.

Take a look at the pictures below, taken from a “parade” and Easter egg hunt that occurred last week for the children in the Coalition’s Early Childhood Development Center. While admiring the joyful faces of these children, please keep in mind the unique problems and vulnerabilities homeless children face. Even in spite of their current circumstances, these children were able to smile as they wished staff and Coalition adult clients a “Happy Easter!” and hunted for candy-filled eggs.

Events such as an Easter egg hunt may not seem to be cause for fuss to many readers, but we at the Coalition like to encourage the children residing here to grasp every possible opportunity to look beyond their often gloomy circumstances and indulge in simple, childish pleasures. As the Coalition offers aid to their parents in achieving self-sufficiency, we anticipate the day when all of our precious cherubs will be able to enjoy childhood’s everyday delights far more often.