What about homeless children?

Click this photo to see a powerful video about homeless children by The National Center on Family Homelessness.

Why can’t we go back to our house? Why are Mom and Dad so worried? Does this mean I don’t get to go to school anymore? Why can’t I tell my friends where we live? And what happened to all of my toys?

These heart-breaking questions are but a few simplistic examples of the stress and turmoil that inevitably greet each homeless child who enters the doors of the Coalition. Among those we serve each night are approximately 200 children with their parents. These children average six years in age and often have difficulty comprehending their new and unsettling situation. The needs of homeless children are many and serious, so we have decided to dedicate our next several posts specifically to the issue of child homelessness.

To kick things off, we are sharing a powerful video by The National Center on Family Homelessness. This video is part of their Florida Campaign to End Child Homelessness and does an excellent job integrating homeless facts with photos and videos taken of homeless children from the Sunshine State.

These precious faces and stories represent only a tiny portion of the 49,000 children estimated to be homeless in Florida this year.

What can you do locally to help? Visiting our website is a great way to start!