New Year’s resolutions for the homeless

Although the month of January has rapidly come to an end, many of the homeless clients at Coalition for the Homeless are still setting and taking hold of their New Year’s resolutions. With the anticipation of a new year still fresh in their minds, many are entering into 2010 with a new perspective on life. From getting a new job to strengthening their faith, our clients are entering the new year with hopes for improvement – something many would probably not expect from the homeless. After asking several clients what they hoped to accomplish in 2010, we were inspired and couldn’t help but share their response:

“I want to be able to move out and into my own [home]. My biggest dream is to stay clean and live a happy and successful life.” – Anonymous

“My hopes for 2010, I hope to get my GED and go further. I hope to learn from the past, to become a better me. I dream of the day that my kids and I are united.” – Connie

“My hopes are for our economy and our relationship with the world to get better. I want to learn how to live with my disease of addiction so that I can enjoy my future with family, friends and fellow recovering addicts.” – Tony

“Continue to help my church in growing and ministering to others.” Sheridenna

“I would love to accomplish getting a career job, being a father to my children, getting my own home, but above all get closer to God.” – Jesse

“My accomplishments for 2010 are to continue to go to school to become a certified accountant and to work harder towards having my own [home]. Becoming more independent is my #1 goal for 2010” Andrea

“Getting my baby girl back and getting my own place.”  – Rachele

“To be released from an addiction of over 45 years. To be reunited with my children that are oh so dear. To meet the grandchild I didn’t know existed. I want to heal my mind so I can learn to laugh again. And when I learn to laugh, I can learn to love; and when I learn to love I can learn to live.” – Freedom 

“My dream is to become a gourmet chef, a writer and all that God has planned for my life. In this new year, I will enroll in culinary art school and continue to write, study and pray daily.” – Quiana

After reading the comments above, we ask that you think back to your personal goals for 2010. Do you plan on helping others? Gaining a new perspective on life? Your gift of time, talent, or resources could not only help our clients reach their aspirations, but also provide a worthwhile and lasting New Year’s accomplishment for yourself.