Stories from the homeless: Hope for a better life

Today, we are proud to introduce (drum roll, please!) a brand new video created for the Coalition! This video will introduce you to some of the real faces and true stories of homelessness, serving as a stark reminder that the face of the homeless is changing in our community. We are honored to share not only the struggles faced by the homeless, but the successes experienced by clients in our programs. Listening to their stories of hope and triumph in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds will remind you of just how much can be accomplished when someone is offered hope and a second chance.

We want to thank Walt Disney World Resort for their generous donation of time and talent that made this video possible. In particular, we are appreciative of Trevor Larson (Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US, Inc.), who also serves on the Coalition’s Board of Directors, for facilitating this much-needed project. Special thanks to Tom Stamper and Dan Tomeu of Walt Disney World Entertainment Studio News for creating this wonderful video. Your gift will help us tell the story of homelessness to our community and beyond.