Coalition declares six “Cold Nights”

Walt Disney World Resort and Coalition staff work alongside Coalition clients to unload a truck of blankets, coats and warm weather supplies.

Due to forecasted low temperatures, we have declared a total of six “Cold Nights” this week (Friday, January 1 through Wednesday, January 6), and more may be on the way. Declaring a cold night means that the Coalition will not refuse any person seeking shelter, regardless of space.

When temperatures drop below 40 degrees in Central Florida, we offer “Cold Night” shelter to help ensure that individuals and families without a permanent home, or those without heat in their home, can keep warm during chilly nights. “Cold Nights” allow us to accommodate anyone needing shelter, opening up overflow space to ensure everyone has a place to stay, and we typically see an increase in the number of clients in our facilities on these nights.

In a quick response to the drop in temperatures, MIX 105.1 held a blanket drive for the Coalition yesterday, resulting in hundreds of needed blankets from community members being delivered. Hearing that the Coalition needed blankets and coats, Orange County Commissioner Linda Stewart also put out a call for the needed items. In addition to donations from individuals and blanket drives, Walt Disney World Resort mobilized their efforts in a matter of hours and today dropped off a truckload of blankets, coats and warm weather supplies (see their website story).

Thanks to all in the community who are helping ensure that the men, women and children at the Coalition are warm throughout this cold snap! Because of your support, we now have an ample supply of blankets and coats. For the time being, we are referring blanket and coat donations to Salvation Army Men’s Division.  We are so appreciative of our community’s support during this chilly season; thanks again!

MIX 105.1 staff drop off blankets and coats from a drive supported by station listeners.

Orange County Commissioner Linda Stewart (right) poses with Coalition Director of Volunteer Services Marty Vevera while delivering blankets and coats from her blanket drive.