Happy holidays from the Coalition!

The holiday season certainly brings out the best of the giving spirit in our community, and the past several weeks at the Coalition have more than proven this to be true.

Sunday’s Orlando Sentinel, as part of the Family Fund series, contained a story about a father and daughter staying at the Coalition’s Center for Women and Families. Already, we have received several phone calls from individuals who wish to personally ensure that family receives what they need. Today, AOL’s Daily Finance shared a similar story about a father and his three daughters who are also staying at the Coalition, showing that even those interested in business and financial news are taking an interest in homeless families this holiday season. Last week, our blog shared stories from generous individuals and companies who “adopted” individuals and families from the Coalition, offering the hope that comes with holiday gifts (see Marriott’s post about community service and a post about the Lawton’s family tradition).

These stories do not even begin to exemplify the many donations now flooding in at the Coalition’s main campus: many are gifts and goodies for the holiday season, and many practical items such as food, hygiene, and cleaning products. We have seen families and friends foregoing gifts, choosing instead to donate to our organization, as well as dozens of thoughtful gifts that pinpoint a need at our shelter, such as one family that donated much-needed oven mitts and pitchers for use in our kitchen.   

We write this to offer our sincere thanks to the Central Florida community for all the different ways you have made the holidays special for our clients. The hundreds of men, women and children we provide services to each day would certainly be lacking in holiday cheer if it were not for your generosity and thoughtfulness, and we cannot thank you enough for helping them to continue dreaming and reaching towards a better tomorrow during this magical season.

Happy holidays to all!