Winners of “Give Homelessness a Holiday” Challenge

Just over a week ago, the Coalition faced the problem of telling 30 homeless men and women that the holidays would largely be passing them by because we did not have enough holiday sponsors for our adult clients. That was before we told you we needed help and you stepped up to the call.

Our “Give Homelessness a Holiday” Challenge was posted last Tuesday, and participants were given exactly one week to express their interest and return completed sponsorship forms. As many of you have probably seen on our Twitter, Facebook, or blog, we received such an overwhelming response both to our Challenge and from the general community that we were able to disband the Challenge a day early!

Before we cut off new entries, we had 23 individuals contact us to participate in the Challenge, many of whom represented families or companies that desired to sponsor multiple clients. This means we more than met our goal because you were willing to help!

Of course the ultimate reward in this Challenge was to remind “adopted” clients that our community cares about them and wants them to succeed.  Our participants are making the holidays truly memorable in their temporary home at the Coalition. But, just in case that wasn’t enough incentive, we also offered a guest blogging opportunity to three lucky, randomly chosen participants.

Coalition staff eagerly draw names to determine the Challenge winners.

Without further ado, the winners are:

Orlando World Center Marriott, headed up by Zachary Long

Denise Lefebvre and family

Justina Valentine

We plan to post the guest blogs in the coming weeks and look forward to hearing what giving back to the community means to our winners’ families or companies.

Thanks again to all who participated or helped spread the word about our Challenge. You are helping make the holidays special to your neighbors in need! The Coalition has yet again been reminded of just how generous our community is and there couldn’t be a better start to our Thanksgiving!

One final note: Giving does not have to stop just because the Challenge has ended! The Coalition relies on our local community for over 70% of our resources, which means we need your help to meet the needs of nearly 600 men, women and children every day. Check out our website for more ideas of how you can get involved!