What do the holidays mean to a homeless family?

Is your family, religious organization or social group looking for a unique opportunity to make the holidays special for a neighbor in need? If so, please consider sponsoring a family or individual at the Coalition. Your generosity can make their season one of hope and joy!

Don’t believe us? Read on…

Al Patrick, who has previously written two letters featured on our blog (we encourage you to read both the first and the second) shared another note he wrote just after the 2008 holiday season. This letter was written in appreciation for the family that sponsored holiday gifts for Al and his two children, Sean and Chloe.

AlDear family,

Sean, Chloe, and myself, want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unselfish giving so that we could have a really great and blessed Christmas, despite being homeless…

First, let me say, that even though we are [only temporarily] residing at Coalition for the Homeless…, like Sean told me back in August, the Coalition [is] our home until we are able to get on our feet and move on.

The three of us are definitely grateful for the Coalition taking us in and keeping us together…

I am a retired Houston fire fighter, and before that, the best job I’ve ever had, I worked in positions where I was always helping others. Having to ask for help was totally different and foreign to me. If it weren’t for my children, I don’t even have a clue where I would be right now…

People like you keep the dreams and hope alive in these children. And many times they help their parents’ dreams and hopes rekindle.
Sean loved the army play set that you bought him. He loves to play with army men.

Chloe loved the outfits, the dolls, and especially the art kit. Chloe cried tears of joy about the art kit. Chloe is really into arts and crafts.

As for me, I like the 2 outfits that you got me. Both Sean and Chloe told me how good I looked in them.

This year was a great and special Christmas for us, just because of you and the Coalition.

We wish you and your family a really great and prosperous new year. We also hope and pray that you continue your tradition helping those who are less fortunate, each and every Christmas as God allows. In fact, this was the purpose of our letter; to let you know that what you did, [have] done, and will do doesn’t go unappreciated. Sean and Chloe


Al, Sean and Chloe Patrick

PS – We will be moving into our own place at the end of this month. And with God’s will, once we are on our feet, we pray that we can start your tradition.

Al’s touching letter proves that this program has the potential to make a lasting impact on a family striving to return to self-sufficiency. As a participant in this exceptional opportunity, you will have the opportunity to “adopt” a family or single adult in one of the Coalition’s residential programs. These clients are working hard to progress into independence and you can help us ensure they enjoy the holidays in their temporary home.

When you sign up to participate in this program, you will be matched with a family or single adult (we will attempt to match your preferences). We will provide you the name, age, gender and suggested wish list for each of the individuals you are sponsoring.

To find out how you can be involved in this rewarding opportunity, please email coalition@cflhomeless.org by November 27, 2009.