Should the government help pay rent?

A poll included in today’s edition of the Orlando Sentinel asked readers how they felt about the government providing rental aid for those at risk of becoming homeless. The results were certainly interesting and we decided this was such a timely topic that we just had to share. After reading the results and the comments, feel free to add your opinion. How would you answer this poll?

The following poll and opinions were taken from the Orlando Sentinel:


We [Orlando Sentinel] asked you: Should the government help pay rent for those at risk of being homeless?

YES: 24.5%
NO: 75.5%

Buy a hotel to house everyone
I am at risk of losing my Ford F-250 to the bank. Can the government make my car payment?

I am at risk of losing my wide-screen TV. Can the government make the payments?

When did it become the government’s, also known as we the people’s, responsibility to just take care of everyone’s every problem? Fine, if that is what we are responsible for doing; then let the government buy a big hotel … take everyone at risk and give them a temporary place to live, and feed them all in a giant food kitchen.

But erect a sign out front calling it the Poor People’s Inn.

– nailman (from the Web)

Assistance at the local level
“At-risk” is a different term than “homeless.” In either case, individual situations should be thoroughly reviewed. Research should be conducted on cause and effect. This important issue should be handled, and funded at the local level by entities such as city and county government, or philanthropic organizations.

– Carolyn Haight Orlando

Short-term help is fine
I think it should depend on circumstances. If it’s a short-term thing for a working person or family, then yes. If it’s not, then no. Someone has to draw a line in the sand. I would pay this with the money we get back from the Wall Street and bank bailout funds repaid.

[It] seems we’ve kept them in their houses long enough.

– cats3cats (from the Web)

Life isn’t always fair
The government shouldn’t pay rent for those at risk of being homeless. We already have apartment complexes in Central Florida where rent is deferred, and people pay what they can. I’m sure we don’t have enough of them for everybody, though. Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

I was laid off from my job in July because of Obamanomics. I guess it’s fair to say since I am on unemployment that the government helps me pay my bills, but I don’t eat very much. I have lost 25 pounds, and I can’t pay some of my bills. But I don’t expect anyone else to pay it for me. My bills are my responsibility. I got me in this mess, and I’ll get me out.

– TimK (from the Web)

We hope to dive deeper into this issue and re-housing programs for the homeless at a later time.