“heART of the Homeless” opens tomorrow (September 15) at Orange County Regional History Center

Sunscreen Boy - Max 2006

"Sunscreen Boy" by Jamerson, age 12

Have you heard about the Art By Coalition Children (ABCs) Program? This is the unique program at Coalition for the Homeless that pairs professional artists in the community with children living at the Coalition.

Here is more in-depth info about this innovative program from our website:

“Often struggling with low self-esteem due to their circumstances, the Coalition’s children desperately need opportunities to express and discover themselves. The ABCs program creates a nurturing environment where kids learn about the arts and have the freedom to explore. The overwhelming result of ABCs has been an increase in the children’s self-confidence.

“The ABCs program began in October 2003 as a collaboration between the Coalition and individuals representing Central Florida’s art, business and education communities.

“The program features many forms of art, including photography, acrylics, poetry, music, ink, sculpture, pottery, and drawing. Each piece is created under the direction of professional, volunteer artists.

“The ABCs exhibit has been featured at prominent local venues like the gallery at Orlando International Airport, Orlando City Hall and Orlando Marriott Downtown.”

You can check out a small selection of ABCs artwork by visiting the online gallery. We certainly have some Picassos in our midst, and we couldn’t be more proud!

If you want to experience ABCs artwork in person, however, we’ve got the perfect opportunity:

To see a selection of more than 20 photographs taken by the children in the ABCs Program, visit the Orange County Regional History Center September 15 through October 16, 2009. The display is coupled with the Looking East exhibit, a photographic exhibition from Steve McCurry, who is known all over the world for his enduring and beautiful images. Our kids are thrilled to have their photographs displayed in conjunction with this renowned photographer.

We hope you drop by to admire the work of both an accomplished artist and our blossoming artists!