“Not a needle” – letter from a former heroin addict

needle2After our blog post last week about the Coalition’s new First Steps for Women program, we couldn’t imagine a better encore than sharing an email we received recently from a former client. The paragraphs below were written by Alexandro, a veteran of the Coalition’s First Steps Program for men

“My name is Alexandro. I was in the CHAIR Program (now the First Steps Program for men) at Coalition for the Homeless back in 2/00 through 7/00. I am addressing this email out of appreciation for all that the CHAIR Program did for me. For a while I had been thinking of a way to show my eternal gratefulness for what Mr. Johnny Little (Director of First Steps) did for me with his guidance and his “truth in your face” approach he took to my rehabilitation. 

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think of and appreciate this man.

“Before going to the Coalition’s CHAIR Program, I was a heroin addict living on the street. A common criminal. My world today consists of going to work, paying my mortgage, taking my kids to school, and pleasing my wonderful wife. I make it sound like a fairy tale, but not quite. Problems come, but we overcome. Thank you, Johnny Little. You may not remember me, but I do you. I have a job. A house. Two kids. Two dogs. Two cars. Not a needle. Thank you.”

Alexandro’s simple note of thanks serves as a wonderful example of the type of success we at the Coalition live to see. We love celebrating our clients’ successes and hope that through our First Steps programs, many more men and women will move from homelessness, addiction and desperation into recovery and productivity.

Congratulations, Alexandro; we are incredibly proud of you!