Coalition scoop: Scattered Site Housing Program

This week, we wanted to focus on two little-known, well-deserving programs at the Coalition. On Tuesday we told you about the new First Steps for Women program. Today we hope you will enjoy learning about our Scattered Site Housing program!

Monopoly housesKeenly aware that there are many stops on the road to self-sufficiency, the Coalition utilizes several tools that enable our clients to permanently regain their independence. These tools include the final rite of passage for a successful client: Scattered Site Housing.

Homeless individuals dedicated to regaining self-sufficiency are assigned a case manager, who works with them to design an individualized plan for returning to the community.  As clients progress in their plans, their sights are eagerly set on admittance to the agency’s Scattered Site Housing Program.

Funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Scattered Site offers clients the opportunity to function as productive members of the community.  In their rental-assisted homes, clients sign the lease and register their own utilities, gradually acquiring the responsibilities of self-sufficiency.  By re-establishing accountability, they are prepared to confidently and seamlessly transition from the program to independence.

Clients in Scattered Site Housing remain under the Coalition’s case management, and rental-assistance is always contingent upon compliance.  Adhering to their plan includes meeting with their case manager twice a month, once in the home and once at the Coalition, and providing savings account deposits and proof of income.  Diligent clients can remain in the Coalition’s Scattered Site Housing Program for up to one year. 

From the landlords’ perspectives, Coalition clients are typical tenants; there are no special arrangements or negotiations, aside from receiving rent payments from two sources.  Ideally and frequently, former clients remain in their rental units long after leaving our program, achieving their goal of permanent housing.

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