Monthly Archive: August, 2009

Studies find Orlando is mean and violent towards homeless

Last week, preliminary results of a nationwide survey were released, effectively ranking Orlando as the most violent metropolitan area towards the homeless in the U.S. A little background information: several weeks ago, we… Continue reading

Back to school – homeless and hungry

This week produced a flurry of excitement in Orange County, Florida as thousands of students slipped on new sneakers, packed lunch boxes, and caught school buses for the start of the school year.… Continue reading

David Ashby is in Washington, DC!

Our “sources” in Washington, DC have shared that David Ashby spent yesterday morning in the halls of Congress. Congressman John Mica’s Chief of Staff, Russell (Rusty) Roberts, spent about three hours with David, escorting him… Continue reading

Social media strengthens nonprofit PR

Today we had the pleasure of sharing how we think social media might achieve social change; we were able to temporarily monopolize the attention of 50 nonprofit communications professionals to explain the nitty-gritty details of how the Coalition is using… Continue reading

“Not a needle” – letter from a former heroin addict

After our blog post last week about the Coalition’s new First Steps for Women program, we couldn’t imagine a better encore than sharing an email we received recently from a former client. The paragraphs below were written by Alexandro, a veteran of the Coalition’s… Continue reading

Coalition scoop: Scattered Site Housing Program

This week, we wanted to focus on two little-known, well-deserving programs at the Coalition. On Tuesday we told you about the new First Steps for Women program. Today we hope you will enjoy… Continue reading

Coalition scoop: First Steps for Women

This week, we wanted to focus on two little-known, well-deserving programs at the Coalition. Today we are telling you about First Steps for Women, a new program about which we are very excited.… Continue reading

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