Update on David Ashby’s journey to D.C.

We told you several months ago about David Ashby, a passionate 14-year old who is spending his summer vacation walking from Orlando, Florida to Washington, D.C. He has taken on this monumental task in an effort to raise awareness about the plight of homeless children in the United States. We hope you’ve been following David’s journey through his blog, but just in case you haven’t, we wanted to post a few updates about the young world-changer.

David has already traveled from Central Florida to South Carolina and is pressing onwards toward his final destination (he hopes to make it to the steps of the Capitol building around August 20, 2009). He has visited several shelters, has met some interesting folks and has started traveling by night as it is cooler. We pulled a few noteworthy excerpts from his blog to share:

(All excerpts are pulled directly from David’s blog, so any grammatical idiosyncrasies you note are straight from the hand of this wonderful young man.)

July 1, 2009:
“St. Augustine is a gorgeous city and a great place to be. When I got to the Coalition here, people were waiting and cheering for me. I spent some time with the people here and one child named Raven talked with me for close to an hour….”

July 2, 2009:
“My Motivation for today: Raven is my motivation today because she has left a mark on me and seems to have dreams which is what this is all about, letting them have there hope and dreams…”

July 12, 2009:
“We were supposed to stop at a shelter in Savannah, Georgia tonight, but something fell through and we were unable to stay there so we continued on our journey. Unfortunately, when the shelters are at capacity, if your not already checked in, then you are left out. Being left out means no bed, no shower, and no food for that night. You would never realize how much a shower means until you’ve gone about a week with out one…”

July 17, 2009:
I am starting to really feel the pain that a homeless child would go through to get to a safe place to sleep. After getting to Savannah, Georgia and not being able to stay and then having to walk 100+ miles to the next shelter in Charleston, South Carolina. It was a long and hard journey between those two cities…

“I would like to end this Post with a poem that 15 year old Tim Hogg [a homeless child David met on his journey] wrote for me…

You are the captain of your

Master of your

While you walk your

Others will remain the

We are very proud of David and the progress he has made. We will post more updates soon, but in the meantime, you can follow David’s journey more closely by visiting his blog. There is nothing like reading the updates directly from the one experiencing this journey!