The prevalence of hunger in America…and why we are responsible

Earlier this week we wrote about the 20th Annual Taste of the Nation Orlando, an event aimed at making sure no kid in America grows up hungry. As our community gears up for a holiday weekend (one likely to be spent gorging on barbecue and splurging on fireworks), we’d like to ask you to focus on the issue of childhood hunger for just a few more minutes. But be warned: what you read below may change the way you look at the leftovers you toss this weekend.

Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity, has recently posted a few tools that are real eye-openers for hunger across the nation and in your hometown. Particularly, we want you to take a look at their Hunger Fact Map and their Hunger At Home diagram.

On the Hunger Fact Map, we found this statistic heart-wrenching: there are 36,299,000 hungry Americans. That’s one in eight of us. Children, aged 0-17, make up 36% of that group.

Do you find those hunger facts unfortunate? Wait until you read the clincher: The population of the United States wastes 96 billion pounds of food each year.

Can you guess how much food is needed to ensure that no Americans go hungry?

Only 42 billion pounds.

That means we could feed every man, woman and child living in America three meals each day, and still get to waste 54 billion pounds of food each year.

Does that sound like a fair deal? We think so.

Join the fight against hunger, particularly childhood hunger, by doing something today. On the local level, buying tickets to Taste of the Nation is a great start. Or, there are donation and volunteer opportunities right here at the Coalition.

Be honest – will you look at your leftovers in the same way?