Due to family emergency, David Ashby’s walk to D.C. is temporarily suspended

We have been chatting a lot recently about David Ashby and his 1,100-mile walk to D.C. to raise awareness about homeless children. For those following the story, we wanted to inform you of an unfortunate turn in events that have caused David to temporarily suspend his walk.

We received word last night that David’s 10 year old sister, Aubrey, was in a serious accident. Aubrey, who is staying with family in Virginia during David’s journey, fell face first off her bicycle Tuesday evening. She has sustained injuries that will require brain surgery. After receiving the news, David immediately decided to delay his walk by several days so he and his mother could travel to Charlottesville, Virginia, to be with his sister.

Kate Santich, with the Orlando Sentinel, has already posted a note from David on her blog. Read below: 
David Ashby Sendoff 037
David sent this note to his supporters: “I am leaving the First United Methodist church in DeLand to go be with my sister and will return with either my mother or friend as soon as she is stabilized. I will continue the walk from the church upon my return and continue with my quest to help the homeless children. I am sorry if this delay inconveniences anyone, but my family comes first and I must be there for my sister in this crisis. I promise to return very shortly. My mission will not be complete until I return and continue my trek.”

For more information and to continue following updates on David’s family, visit Kate’s blog. We can’t expect David to continue blogging steadily (helpingstepbystep.blogspot.com) during this crisis but he has promised to do so soon and would appreciate continued support.