12 more days until David Ashby sets off (on foot) for Washington, D.C.

You may have already heard about 14-year-old David Ashby from our blog, the Orlando Sentinel, FOX 35, WKMP Local 6, in this month’s Central Florida Lifestyles magazine, or on the Buckethead Show of Real Radio 104.1 WTKS. He’s getting quite a bit of local attention, and none too soon; his journey begins on June 15. (We’re getting excited.)

With the goal of raising awareness about the plight and prevalence of homeless children, David is trekking from Orlando to Washington, D.C. this summer – a 57-day journey stretching over 1,100 miles. He will be blogging about his experiences, from begging for food to sleeping on the streets. We will also be posting updates from David here on our blog.

Want to support David and his mission of helping homeless kids? Here’s how:

Gas station gift cards will help cover the estimated $2,500 fuel costs (for David’s mom, who will be following David in a van so that he is never alone). Any money raised above this cost will be donated to the Coalition (David’s charity of choice). Mail your gas gift cards and notes of encouragement to:
     c/o David Ashby
     P.O. Box 540705
     Orlando, FL 32854-0705

• You can also donate directly to the Coalition (David’s charity of choice) through our website. Make sure you let us know that you were referred by David Ashby.

With only 12 days left before his epic adventure begins, be sure to show some love and support for this amazing teen!