3rd Place Winners of the “Orlando ‘Can’ Care Challenge” – DPR Construction

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The DPR Construction crew

As the 3rd place winners of our “Orlando ‘Can’ Care Challenge,” DPR Construction wanted to share a little about their company and their focus on community involvement. Since the Coalition relies on Central Florida (individuals, corporations, foundations, and religious institutions) for over 70% of our resources, we love hearing about companies that give back! This post is a nice closing to our ‘Can’ Care Challenge, serving to remind our community that everyone can find ways to give back and get involved.

DPR Construction began on the West Coast in 1990, but their reach far extends their roots in Redwood City, California. With offices across the nation and most recently in our own backyard of West Palm Beach, DPR is well on their way to fulfilling their mission – to be one of the most admired companies by the year 2030.

One of the founding objectives of DPR Construction was to become an integral part of the communities in which they work and to become indispensable in furthering various community needs. While they’re certainly not flashy about it, each DPR office, including the Shared Service Center in Maitland, does their part to give back in every way possible. From national community and youth initiatives such as Habitat For Humanity, Boys and Girls Club, Heads Up School Supply Drive and Toys For Tots, to more localized ones such as collecting food for Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, clothing for The Russell Home for Atypical Children or walking in the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life event, DPR builds more than just great structures in their community!

In 2008, DPR decided to add to their regional efforts by forming the DPR Foundation, a company-wide, focused outreach to help children who fall short of their potential due to socio-economic challenges. More information about the DPR Foundation may be found on their website at http://www.dprfoundation.org/.