Winners of “Orlando ‘Can’ Care Challenge” – Workscapes

Workscapes_croppedNews got you down?  Does your stock portfolio now fit on an index card? Are you selling your gold for cash just so you can fill up your gas tank? Well, I hear you and so does the rest of the world.  Interesting times like these are just that, interesting!  So, maybe cash isn’t flowing like the Nile River but that doesn’t mean good will and caring has to freeze up like the banking systems.

Our CEO and founder of Workscapes, Elizabeth Dvorak, presented the Workscapes team with the Coalition for the Homeless “Orlando Can Care Challenge” on Monday, May 11th , with the added incentive that Workscapes would match whatever we as a team raised.  That gave us exactly four days to collect donations from our team, hit Costco and deliver everything by the deadline of May 15th.  Not an easy task but certainly a worthy one.  The challenge provided the Workscapes team an opportunity to come together, pool our resources, and redirect energy back to our community for its greater good. It is easy in abundant times to cut a handsome sized check to the organization du jour but in this economic climate we have to be more creative in terms of giving.

Workscapes is a locally owned company where we find solutions for office spaces every day.  As a local business we want to be part of the solution in building a stronger community.  Elizabeth Dvorak and the team fully realize that we are only as strong as the community we live, work, and play in.  That is why we believe the Coalition’s unique approach to procure food donations was not only fun but was in alignment with our views regarding community.

There is a simple and valuable lesson that can be taken from this challenge. The lesson learned is that we made a strong a team and made a difference in the quality of lives.  We applaud the Coalition for the Homeless’ commitment to our community and the humanity they display.  And we are honored to have been part of this challenge and look forward to future ones! ….and of course winning!

Courtney Karem
Showroom Consultant