Winners of “Orlando ‘Can’ Care Challenge”

Almost-final donations

Click the picture above to see more photos from the Challenge.

Loaded down with peaches, rice, green beans, corn, and all sorts of other scrumptious foods, we have weighed all of the food donations received from last week’s “Orlando ‘Can’ Care Challenge.” Our donation total…(drum roll, please!)…equaled 1,002 lbs.! That is a half-ton of glorious generosity, straight from the Orlando community to the men, women and families with children the Coalition serves.

Needless to say, thank you to all who donated or helped spread the word! We are so excited to see the good that can be accomplished through our blog, Facebook and Twitter friends.

The winners of the guest blogging experience (determined by pounds of food) are:

1st place: Workscapes with 645 lbs.

2nd place: MarketLeverage TV with 191 lbs.

3rd place: DPR Construction with 73 lbs.

We know, we know: originally only two guest blogging experiences were offered, but we decided to throw in a bonus blog (we are being generous, and in the spirit of this Challenge, who can argue with generosity?). We are sure that you will enjoy reading the stories from our three guest bloggers (which will be posted throughout the next week) and hope that you will continue to spread the word about the Coalition and the clients we serve!

One final note: Giving does not have to stop just because the Challenge has ended! The Coalition relies on our local community for over 70% of our resources, which means we need your help to meet the needs of nearly 650 men, women and children every day. Check out our website for more ideas of how you can get involved!