Homelessness up as families on the edge lose hold


Shawna and Emmanuel, who are now staying at the Coalition, are evidence that families have been hit especially hard by the economic crisis.

USA Today published an article about the rising numbers of homeless families, saying:

“Cities and counties are reporting a sharp increase in homeless families as the economic crisis leads to job loss and makes housing unaffordable.”

We know we’ve talked about the changing face of homelessness before. We’ve explained that the homeless are no longer just men holding signs on street corners. We’ve stated that women and families with children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. And today we are doing it again. We are a broken record, as they say.

And yet, we can’t stop spreading the word about the men, women and families with children we meet every day at the Coalition. Their stories of adversity and trouble, mixed with the hope and accomplishment we anticipate they will acquire here, keep us talking. 

And we aren’t the only ones. Shelters, homeless advocates and the media alike are talking about the rising numbers of the homeless population, particularly homeless families. This crisis seems to have shocked the nation, and from the looks of it, the bad has only just begun for families living without enough.

This quote from USA Today accurately sums up this haunting crisis:

People who were on the edge can’t hold on anymore,” says Cathy Ten Broeke, homelessness project coordinator in Minneapolis and Hennepin County.