More than 1.8 million Floridians receive an increase in food stamps


Officials believe an increase in food stamp benefits will also stimulate Florida's economy (AP photo)

On Wednesday, April 1st, food stamps went up about $20-$24 a person per month. And while the more than 1.8 million Floridians on food stamps will benefit from this increase, officials believe that our state’s economy will benefit as well.

Food stamp recipients are generally low-income families with children, as well as seniors and people with disabilities. In February of this year,
DCF reported there were 31% more food stamp recipients than February 2008. This is even more evidence of the tough times families and those on a fixed income are experiencing.

Food stamps are helping Florida’s needy put more food on the table. So – how does that help the economy? According to officials, the $34 million spent in state food stamps is expected to produce $63 million in economic activity.

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